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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
26 May 2010 @ 12:23 pm



My summer vacay has been less vacay, more work.

Could be worse (I could CONSTANTLY be stuck with my brother). But it could be better (I'D LIKE TO GO OUT-OF-STATE, IF ONLY FOR A DAY).

And now I have dogs on my lap. ._.

PS: Naps are the solution to everything still.
DWN-009 MetalMitz.
26 May 2010 @ 11:29 am
Title: Responsibility
Fandom: Megaman (classic)
Characters: Elecman, Metalman
Rating: PG/PG-13 (for violence)
Summary: Elecman gets more than he bargains for when he is forced to fight Metalman.

ResponsibilityCollapse )
DWN-009 MetalMitz.
17 April 2010 @ 08:12 pm
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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
01 February 2010 @ 02:25 pm
So...today I need a paper topic for Interdisciplinary Commons: Death Penalty. And I still don't have one.

It has to be a death penalty case, and I'm wanting one with some interesting mitigating circumstances. Damnit.

Why can't things like this be simple when I need them to be?

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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
09 January 2010 @ 06:47 pm
You know what's sad?

I've spent more time on my RP journals lately than this one.

And I'm already thinking of apping a fourth character to permanent_way and I haven't even had the third approved.

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...Okay...I think I have that out of my system.

What've y'all been up to?
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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
Well, it's the first snowfall of this new season. And holy crap it's still snowing hard. We're under a winter weather advisory until 7PM here.

memeCollapse )

Most of the people in my dorm building haven't had much holiday spirit. We're totally taking snits at each other, it seems. Even I'm not immune. I'll roll eyes at someone and mutter bitch if they slow my elevator descent lately. Tensions seem to be running high. It's probably because of finals. Not surprised.

I'll try to do what I can for anyone else who feels like making out a list like this or who has already made a list out like this. Can't promise all of it will be done and up before new year because of stuff like finals and Christmas Break without wireless internet (Our router is broken).
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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
Yeah, I know. My updates are getting sparse.

I've been losing a lot of time in between papers (one for Abnormal, one for World Mythology) and roleplaying--which I think I'm tempted to do a third character for Permanent Way.

CharacterCollapse )

Yeah...I know. I'm lame and I have too much free time when I'm not doing my papers.


Other news?

Thanksgiving was the usual Turkey Slaughter Day.

Finals are coming up and I'm caving some.

I found out that Irish creme coffee creamer tastes better in hot chocolate than hazelnut coffee creamer.

My Work-Study adviser's son has been in and out of the hospital in between inflammation of his pancreas, a gallbladder attack (he had his gallbladder taken out, btw), and double pneumonia.

One of my eyes has been bugging me. No surprise it's my right eye, the bad eye.

I nearly blinded myself highlighting stuff in my notes but I survived.

I've been stationing my Ed and Al figurines in random positions in my dorm and having fun with that.

I finally decided what I wanted to do my World Mythology paper on (brother battles in both ancient and "modern" mythologies [I'm taking into account the Bible (Cain vs. Abel), Norse mythology (Baldur vs. Loki), Shinto mythology (if I can find one), Native American mythology (if I can find one), and I won't even go into much detail on some of the "modern" ones because they're pretty much pop culture (I'll just say one of them is Dragonball because Goku vs. Raditz was actually a pretty interesting one)].

I've been getting out the word on campus about the bookstore's book buyback through posting the flyers, putting little leaflet thingies on vehicles and on doors of the dorms.

Okay. Life's pretty uneventful. I guess.

Peace out Saiyan Scouts,
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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
16 November 2009 @ 07:20 pm
Has anyone ever noticed that certain flavors of coffee creamer taste good in hot chocolate? *shot*
Seriously, I know I'm lame and I posted about something stupid. Namely that realization just now.

But that's not all of why I'm posting. I'll be honest.
Guess who's got a new music fandom? Yeah, you kind of guessed it was Mitz, didn't you? I really thank my online buddy Matt/Doc Holiday for introducing me to the awesome music of The Protomen. Not only did it appeal to the music nerd in me, but it also appealed to the Megaman fan that hasn't crept out of me in AGES. <3 So, Doccyboy, if you're reading this: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THE PROTOMEN'S AWESOME MUSIC. If you're anyone else: I implore you to check out their music if you haven't already. <3

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DWN-009 MetalMitz.
13 November 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Yeah, I realize I've not posted in ages and people are probably all WTF Mitz what is it with you and not posting?

...Well, my name is Mitz, and I'm an LJ RP addict. (I'm currently rp-ing in Permanent Way. Take a character from a fandom, WITH AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CROSSOVER TWIST. <3 )

But that's not important.

What I'm really posting about is this: hilarious incident at work today.

Connie, Beth, and I were all standing around talking to Chris (one of the college security guys) who came in to shop on his day off. Everyone suddenly makes note that I looked like a guy. I, of course, was dressed in jeans, oversized hoodie, old and tattered sneakers, and a cap. Since I've got such short, boyish hair, I did look like a guy. I digress.

Connie laughs and says "Take off your hat."

I did. I'm the obedient little work-study after all.
And then...Connie put little orange ribbons in my hair. Cue "Mitz is recognized as feminine", and then me trying to get the rest of my work done, distracted by the ribbons in my hair.

She put those ribbons in my hair around 3:30. Here it is, close to 7:30 and I -STILL- haven't figured out how to get these danged ribbons out of my hair.

I love my work-study supervisor to death.

...I'll save these ribbons for Haruhi cosplay. >D