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6 May
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I'm your average girl-gamer college student with quite an attitude...and a penchant for fangirling musically-inclined characters or the angsty pretty-boys of a series. Cases in point with musically-inclined are Midvalley the Hornfreak from Trigun and Kyouya Garyuu from Gyakuten Saiban 4. Cases in point with angsty pretty-boys are Green from Gunstar Heroes, Reiji Mitsurugi/Miles Edgeworth from Gyakuten Saiban 1-3/Phoenix Wright, and Duo Lon from King of Fighters. And I have a penchant for yaoi pairings and Gyakuten Saiban pairings involving Mei Karuma/Franziska von Karma. Favorite pairings: Phoenix x Edgeworth, Phoenix x Franziska, Gumshoe x Franziska, Gumshoe x Maggey, Franziska x Adrian, Matt x Juan, Gant x Manfred, Gant x Kirihito, Kirihito x Kyouya [GARYUUCEST IS FREAKING HOT.], Kyouya x Odoroki, and Hobo!Phoenix x Ema. Oh. And a penchant for only a handful of KOF pairings. Most notably Beni x Ash and Shen x Duo. The latter of which I have a deep love of.
I can honestly also say I ship a large number of crack pairings in the DBZ fandom as well. (Some of them make sense, but they're still crack nonetheless).
bardock Pictures, Images and Photos <---- That's my favorite anime character of all time.
Duo Lon 38 Pictures, Images and Photos <---- And he's my favorite fighting game character of all time.

Love them or hate them--you gotta respect them.

And according to dh_the_insane , I'm the most insane of the Neo GHGs. I still say it's Red and Blue the Twin Terror. They're much crazier than I am.

As for my college major, I'm a psychology major with a biology minor. Yay living things AND THEIR MINDS. But boo, chemistry. Yeah. I hate chemistry. You would too if you were me, so hush on that point.

As one could imagine, I'm rambling and ranting and stuff. So I think I'll cut this little ramble short. Before it becomes a chemistry rant. So there.

...Now for some completely unrelated stuff. Like touching Daryan's "tra-la-la...mmm...his ding ding dong."

Which of my favorite video game characters are you?

Duo Lon. A quiet, friendly, gloomy type, he is from the Flying Brigand/Hizoku assassin group as one of its highest-ranking members. While seemingly the very picture of somberness, he's really quite cute and friendly when he smiles.
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